AXSOR is the platform. The hub of the wheel. This is where everything is managed and monitored. It is the solution of the future. You can have peace of mind. Are all the keys where they should be? Does everybody know the keys must be returned? Who had the key at a certain time?

You get the answers in the system. You get key management on a completely new level. And everything is managed directly from Internet Explorer. Key management and access control in one system.


You no longer have to have that nagging unease in the body. Where are the keys? Who has a key? How do I get a key?

You get the answers in AXSOR. You get Key Management that is on a whole new level. And everything is controlled right from your web-browser. You get your key management as you want it. As everyone should have it.

You can be sure that we have what you are looking for. You take care of your entire key management. You manage electronically monitored key bunches in EAGLE. Your also get control over your non-electronic monitored key bunches. All history combined. Everything handled in the same system. It is key management as it should be.

Additionally, you can grow in, and with, the system. Switch on assemblies gradually. Fill with the individuals you need. There are no limitations.

Manual dispensing of keys? It is also managed in the system. And certainly also reported together under Check-up. Do you need reporting via SMS or e-mail to someone who wants to be in control, and perhaps the one who borrowed a key bunch? Then just set up the parameters in AXSOR. All key management in one place.

As you can see, there is much to tell. Please contact us and we will guide you to what you can do to ease up your everyday life when it comes to key management.


Under Check-up you will find everything that have happened. Or is about to happen. It is easy to filter and easy to get an overview. Everything is based on the deviations that hase occurred. It is quite logical. That’s when it’s not as intended, as it is interesting. It creates control.

When an alarm is produced it is possible to check-up all the events that occurred before and after the alarm. In this way it is easy to get a quick overview. Take quick decisions. Take confident decisions. And set things right.

There are ten predefined speed controls. All so you should avoid clicking. All for it to go quickly and easily. You get the overview you need right away. Of course, it is instantly displayed if there is a deviation in one area. All alarms are displayed in a red circle, warnings that might be good to check are displayed in a yellow circle and information that does not require action in a green circle.

It is of course also possible to filter the content of the reports. Among other things, by Date, Time, Individual, Object and Assembly. Of course, even more criteria. You set what you need and press Select. As simple as that. To remove a filter set? Then just click on it. As easy.

Of course, it is possible to print and save the results to a file. Available to work with or present outside AXSOR.


The assembly content is shown in real time. Only two mouse clicks away. You get an instant overview. It takes 3-6 seconds to show an event that has occured. Everything is displayed clearly with colors and graphics. This give you instant control. What is in place. What has been taken out. What is reserved. And what has perhaps gone wrong.

It is clearly shown when a take-out or a placement has been made according to the rules. That is indicated in green. When the indication is red something is wrong. Things that has been taken out is shown clearly with an empty slot. If the identity device is in place that is also clearly shown. A reserved key bunch is displayed in yellow. Everything is clear.

This is however not only an overview. It is of course also possible to administrate via this view. That makes it easy and viewable. As it should be. You see directly what has been registered. And what is not. By marking the slot it is possible to link a key bunch. Fast. Easy.

The assembly overview is a great start for control. You do not need to worry about missing anything. If you are more interested in something it is easy to Check-up. What you have marked up in the overview is instantly used as a filter.

Manual receipts is time consuming. It’s tedious. It gets costly.

Yet, receipts can be desirable. The easiest. The economically feasible. Especially on long loans. The opportunity is given in AXSOR. But of course, digital. With better control. Faster. And more economical. It gets easier. Of course you can have your logo on the receipt. Signing is solved through a digital signature pad.

Just as with electronically monitored events, you get control with digital receipts. You can automatically send reminders. You can automatically be alerted to deviations. Via e-mail. Via sms. And as a deviation in AXSOR shown under Check-up.

Of course it is possible to handle both electronically monitored key bunches and key bunches in receipts. All according to your preference. So you get the control you need. Easy and fast. With a good overview. With control.


Sometimes it is important that what are to be used is booked in advance. That is of course possible.

You can reserve on or several key bunches at once. To one or several individuals. Whithin the desired time frame.


This flexible handling means that for example several individuals get the opportunity to fetch a car. It promotes carpooling. It is possible for someone else of the travelers to return the key. You are not tied to a flow. It is adapted to your business. It is adapted to reality.

You can choose if you want to handle permissions separately. Or directly through a reservation. Only those who have a reservation has access to the key/s. It makes it more flexible. It makes it safer. By the reservations you get control.

Is there anything that is not picked up. Or if there are someone who fail to return, or who possibly are going to fail to return. Then an e-mail or sms can automatically be sent e-mail to whom it concerns. Of course, it is seen as a deviation if you wish. Then you can deal with it in AXSOR. Just Check it up.

Profiles are the bridges between individuals and keys. Everything in one page. Everything for quick control. And for a direct overview.

From here it is possible to administer. And check. What are the permissions for an individual? Who has access to a bunch of keys?

With a good structure. As we can help you with. You get a long-term sustainable management. You work with groups of individuals depending on what roles the individuals have. You work with groups of objects depending on what the keys are used for. By bridging groups between each other, it becomes flexible. At the same time, it becomes clear. And understandable.

A connection is made with a mouse click. And you see immediately what it means. There are no limitations. Unrestricted number of individuals. Unrestricted number of key bunches. Unrestricted number of groups. Unrestricted number of connections. This is flexibility.

As you also can restrict access by date and time there are nothing more to be desired. You can get what you want. Without limitations.

Administration is not the focus. However, it is needed. The only way to get results. But anyhow stil not that funny. That is why administration should be fast and easy. Flexible.

No administration for the sake of administration. Administration just for the results. Not to much. Not to difficult.

You can chose just to register necessary fields. That is fast. Or you can chose to register more. Then it is possible to get more from the system. You find all entities via seperate icons. That give you the best control when it comes to mass registration. But a lot is also possible to register in other ways. You are free to choose. You are free to mix. That is flexibility. It gives you control.

Everything is always searchable. It is possible to filter. It is of course possible to print. Or export to a file. And it it possible to choose what are to be shown. Flexible.

You can set up rules for almost everything. How long a bunch of keys may be taken out? Or maybe when it will be returned? It is possible, of course.


You can get information about events. Or just deviations. Maybe you want the message to be sent to someone else? Everything that happens in EAGLE. In addition to deviations according to rules in AXSOR. Everything is possible to send as a message. It may not be necessary. It may be helpful to limit the possibilities. But you should know that they are there.

It is not possible to describe everything. That is too much. You will not need everything. But we believe we have what you need. We give you more than you can imagine.

A lot of functionality we take for granted. We have, however, has worked with this for a very long time. We have pushed the development forward. Some things are often requested. Things we obviously have. That are included.

You should know that most of it is parameter-driven. Therefore, we can stand tall to say that it is adaptable. You can control everything. How things should be used. When you need to pay attention. And how you want to get knowledge about it. There is much that is at your will. Of course, you can choose not to personalize your system. It works well anyway. We have the experience. Therefore, we have set up the system from the start. It is suitable for most. But of course you can make your choices. Whenever you want.


AXSOR includes almost everything from the beginning. It is enough for most people when it comes to control of keys. Need even more control? Then it is possible to add. There are modules for specific requirements. Above all, it provides additional opportunities to go deep and allocate permissions. Read more below about Axsor modules.

Besides the modules, there is also integration possibilities. Please let us know if you have any specific requests. Of course, we have already made integrations. Perhaps that is what you are looking for?

Do you have a large organization? Or at least more than one assembly or a lot of keys to be handled by different individuals?

Then module Organization gives you of the opportunities you need. You can easily control what each individual user can take control of. What they will see, change, add and delete. You put up your organization structure and you are able to set access for each individual and belonging to each item. Full flexibility. Full power. Just as it should be.

It is usually so that only key bunches are handled in key management systems – not keys. In some cases it is in fact only possible to handle positions in cabinets – not key bunches and hence not keys. In AXSOR you can take it several steps further.

Each bundle is unique, distinct from any position and identity carrier in a cabinet. Additionally, you can manage all the keys on a bunch separately. What keys open and who possibly is the owner of a borrowed key. The link to a key bunch is made in the system. And if a key is moved to another keys bunch, you can follow these movements in the system. It is control. Out in the smallest detail. Just as it should be.

You also get the possibility to link keys to addresses. Then you can search addresses. You can also link the keys to the property or a construction that it goes to. /opens. Then you get the whole chain connected. Key bunch-Key-Construction-Address. We call this Location.

If you want to have control over what should be done? And perhaps what has been done? Perhaps even decide when to do it? Every week, every day or once.

The Activity module gives you control of activities, such as routes or planned work. By specifying who or which shall carry out the work with one or more key bunches at one or more times you get the control you need. Easy to follow and easy to control. Anyone who collect key bunches also get knowledge of what was taken / will be collected from EAGLE.

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