We cherish the protection of your individual rights and your personal data. This integrity policy describes how we gather, use, store and share your personal data. The policy is a complement to our general terms and conditions and eventual service specific, SLA and personal data processor agreement. This policy is valid from the 25th of May 2018 when the General Data Protection Regulation applies.

The integrity policy applies when PAAM Systems provides products and services, when you are a customer and in other cases when you contact us directly or visit our website.

What information do we gather?

The personal data is normally gathered when you are registered as a customer or is using our services and/or products. Contact information and delivery address is vital when ordering a physical product. To be able to offer you support, send invoice or in other way contact you in important matters some data must be gathered. This data is mostly name, company addresses, email, title and phone number if you haven’t agreed to something else.

User interaction on our webpage is also gathered to ensure that it’s working properly and isn’t compromised by malice intentions. We save your IP-address with timestamps and navigation information for a short period of time.

How do we protect your personal data?

Security and integrity is very important to us and we constantly keep up to date with the latest and best ways to protect data. We choose our suppliers with care to ensure that they keep the same high standards in data handling as we do. We minimize the access to and within systems containing personal data to make sure the exposure of such data isn’t greater than necessary. Encryption, multifactor and password policy is used to the extent it’s possible for the given system.

For how long do we store the data?

We store the data as long it’s necessary to do so, and if we don’t have a reason for it the data is anonymized or deleted. If we have contractual obligation to provide support, service or in another way facilitate you as a customer we store your personal data until the agreement is obsolete or terminated. We may store personal data for a longer period of time to comply with laws, regulations and obligations, such as the accounting act.

Who is responsible for the personal data?

PAAM Systems is the data controller when you as a customer or stakeholder are registered in our systems. When you use our products you are the personal data controller and PAAM Systems is the personal data processor.

Who have access to your personal data?

We do not provide or sell your personal data to any third party. However, we need to give out some information to a supplier if a delivery or visit of some sort is necessary. In case of legal actions regarding a breach of an agreement or other violations we supply the given authority with the relevant information.

What rights do you have?


As a customer you have the right to extract the information we have gathered about you and receive instructions on how you can be able to access them.


All amendments on personal data needs to be communicated directly to the customer service and we help you to correct the faulty records.


If you have some objections to the correctness of the registered records you can limit our handling to only storing. We can stop all other handling of your data, this also means stopping the ability for you to use our services or/and products, until corrections are made.

Data portability

For personal data that has been gathered and handled automatically (supported by consent) you have the right to get the data in machine readable format.


Under some circumstances you have the right to request deletion of your personal data. For example:

* The data handling lacks legal basis, or the handling is illegal

* The data handling lacks justified reasons for continued handling

* You object to handling regarding direct marketing

We need satisfactory basis for identity verification to be able to perform such act as above. Your request to exercise your rights is assessed on a case-by-case basis based in current circumstances. We may be obligated to keep your personal data to fulfill legal obligations, legal claims or enforce our active agreements.

Changes in the policy

This policy can be edited from time to time to comply with the current laws and security updates. If major changes are made it will be communicated with the registered via e-mail. To keep up to date with minor updates we recommend that you read this periodically at our webpage.


If you have comments or questions you are welcome to contact us through our customer service by email, phone or via our webpage.